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INTERTOOL Carpenter’s Roofing Hammer, 21 oz., 13" Fiberglass Handle | HT08-0230

INTERTOOL Carpenter’s Roofing Hammer, 21 oz., 13" Fiberglass Handle | HT08-0230

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  • [Roofing and General Purpose]: Ideal claw hammer for driving nails, ripping out nails, wood work, framing, and punching holes in drywall and shingles. Tackle any job at Home, the job site, in the office, or the automobile. There’s no task too big for this durable all purpose hammer
  • [Heat Treated High Strength Steel]: Anti-corrosive coated, hardened steel head is immensely durable and helps protect against wear over time. German design features a pointed rip claw to pull nails and puncture holes in sheet metal and other materials
  • [Shock Absorbing Handle]: Fiberglass handle is immersed in non-slip rubberized grip where it matters most and absorbs vibration upon each impact minimizing shock to hand and arm
  • [Magnetic Nail Starter]: Head includes a cut-out and magnet to start nails safely with a quick tap. Milled face allows the user to easily finish the nail without slipping off the nail head

This 21 oz roofing hammer is versatile and durable, ideal for driving and ripping out nails, woodwork, framing, and more. It features a heat-treated high-strength steel head with anti-corrosive coating, a pointed rip claw for nail pulling, and a fiberglass handle with a non-slip rubberized grip for shock absorption. The magnetic nail starter and milled face ensure easy and secure nail placement and finishing. Perfect for home, job site, office, or automotive tasks.

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